One Busy Week!


After a very relaxing Thanksgiving week of family time, I have to get really busy this week!  

Wed. night (before Thanksgiving) I had an email as I was turning off my computer from Generation Q Magazine editors to connect with me on the Tim Holtz Messenger Bag I created!  They were very nice & have been great to connect with!  Their company is very unique & different from other magazine companies with all of their approach.  They told me the smaller size of the magazine was designed to fit in your purse, or Messenger Bag!  So with that said they will be publishing my bag & instructions for their upcoming issue!  Did I say “upcoming”???  Yes, they needed instructions like now!  So after a long day yesterday they will get them sometime today or tomorrow.  You all know I work better under pressure anyway.  Thank goodness I took tons of pics & lots of notes when I first designed it, since the bag is in California!


Friday I will be teaching my “Flower Doodles” for the N. Augusta, SC, Pieceful Hearts Guild.  They have booked an over the top full class of 26!  So it will be a really exciting class with lots of beautiful flowers being painted, stitched & embellished!  You know we have to embellish everything in our world!


As much as I would like to chat, I have Christmas orders to make also!  So I guess I better get stitching & beading!  These little gems are fun to make & no two are ever alike, very unique piece of art to wear!






2 responses to “One Busy Week!”

  1. Barbara Warlick says :

    Those ladies are in for a real treat! Have fun!!

  2. Linda Hartzig says :

    Susan so happy for you and miss you….you deserve every moment

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