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Stump Work Bugs!

Stump Work Bugs!


I have definitely been too busy these last few months. I am trying to get a little caught up & keep my teaching schedule posted on my blog. Hopefully that will work! Two weeks ago I was teaching at Quilting in Toccoa in the Toccoa GA. mountains. The weather was beautiful & the trees were in full color… I love this time of year & so wish it would last much longer. Came home & the temp dropped like a rock! Straight into January I think…. dang it got cold…

Ok, technology kills me sometimes… I wish all this was easier for me to figure out. I hope this all gets posted correctly!

I am also still teaching a BOM or three at Judy Lea’s Quilt Studio in Concord, NC. The Crazy Quilt BOM this past week was really fun! We were making stitched bugs, yes bugs! In ancient times some Stump Work was done by stitching over real bug shells… well I was not going out looking for dead bugs for my class of 8… not happening ladies! So as I was eating some Pistachios one night I got to thinking… ummm these could be bug shells. So we stitched over nut shells to create the raised effect for the stitchery we were making. I think they all got a kick out of the experience! It was fun!  Opps, I just noticed the pic of the little bees need some antennas!

For 2015 BOM I will be doing a sort of mixed media type of project… It has been so much fun to work on!  There will be a banner type or Prayer flag piece for one of the projects.  I am also working on a small fabric book for another & of course a little wall piece using scrim & pre-quilted background for a rather ragged finish!  Don’t panic, the pre-quilting is done by me, not the pre-quilted stuff you buy.  It’s going to be really fun to embellish!


"Nature's Treasures" “Nature’s Treasures”



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