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March 2015 Newsletter for Upcoming Classes

Susan Edmonson Designs March 2015 Newsletter for Upcoming Classes

Thank you for signing up for my newsletter! This is my first one, so I’m not sure how all of this is going to work with emails. If you have any trouble viewing what I send, please let me know and I can send it to you a different way. I will attach a PDF file with the email. Just click on the PDF and it should open for you to view. Please sign up for my blog also, I try to post my teaching schedule there also. My website I use just for gallery pictures and basic bio information for guilds and such. Thank you again! I have enjoyed teaching, meeting and talking to each one of you, either at a show or in a class I’ve taught!

To sign up for any of the following classes please call or go to the websites listed below each class for sign ups.  I will also list all of the classes I am teaching with dates, times, and places.

Susan Edmonson


“Field Guide to Creativity”

Kristin Steiner and I created this amazing creativity workshop for our retreats we hosted in Blowing Rock for 6 years. We now teach this one at John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC. It is all based on the season’s of the year and how it relates to your creativity. Each season is different, from Spring with new ideas and new beginnings to Winter where you may be dormant to re-energize your creativity.  Join us for a week of creative fun in the beautiful NC mountains!

John C. Campbell Folk School 1-800-365-5724DSCN1287

“Once Upon A Time” (Fabric Books)

These little fabric books are so much fun to make! Susan will guide you through the steps of doing fabric collage pages using machine & hand techniques. There will be tons of embellishing techniques covered, different ways to use photo transfers & rubber stamped images as well. The theme for your book can be based around a favorite fabric or a photo. Anything can be your theme, such as family, nature, or a pet. If you don’t have a theme, Susan will help you come up with an idea! Vintage linens, laces, and buttons are always an added treasure for your book! Susan has just been published in Quilting Arts Magazine with one of her fabric books & wall hangings, using paint dyed batting. She will have the supplies for you to paint dye some for your little book or if you like you could make a wall hanging instead. Her newest piece will be a little banner/prayer flag idea, this would be another option. There will be many hand embroidery techniques covered in this class too! So if you love to embellish this is the class for you to learn some new tricks!

NCQSI (North Carolina Quilt Symposium) May, 28th – 31st 2015 Flat Rock, NC

“Nature’s Treasures”

This is my newest class I am designing as a BOM and sort of a year long retreat! I am in love with the projects I have designed and I hope you will be too!!! First we are going to make a very creative “swag”, “garland” or “prayer flag”, I am still not quite sure what to call it… any ideas??? It will be a wall piece that could be hung over a window, above another piece of art or best of all over a bed. There will be very little machine work on this piece, but tons of embellishing by hand! Secondly we will make either a wall piece with 3-D parts and lots of texture. The other part of the class will be a fabric book to be housed in a cigar box. We are going to be using many creative ideas, so feel free to change or add any of your own ideas. I have always found when working on my art if I discuss it with others I come up with even more ideas. Each month I will have instructions for the technique we are going to cover. Also my plan is to have a little something for you to use on your project each month as well (hopefully I can find enough for everyone in the class). You will still need to bring your own “parts” for the projects and I will have a supply list each month for the next month. ***If in class one there are more people than the classroom can handle we will add another class to accommodate the size.

“Nature’s Treasures” beginning in April 2015: Judy Lea’s Quilt Studio in Concord, NC or call: 704 763-3709

"Nature's Treasures"

“Nature’s Treasures”


There has been a lot of interest over my machine quilting, especially the script I have been doing on many of my quilts. I have to say it is one of my favorite things to do! I used to really stress over the quilting part, but now I can’t wait to get to that part. Maybe that is why I have been designing more simple, even almost whole cloth type quilts. It is really much easier than you may think. This class was the result of my many, many, many small samples I have done in classes. So I came up with a use for some of the larger samples I have made. A PURSE!!! The purse/tote could be a fashion statement or maybe use it to carry your rulers and small matt to a class. Whatever it’s purpose, it is just fun to make! But most of all your machine quilting skills will benefit from the experience! If for any reason you do not want to make the purse you could just make the quilt sandwiches will all the same machine quilting techniques we will be doing in class.

“Purse-onality”: Sew Much Fun! Lowell,NC 704 824-1961IMG_4922IMG_4924

“Glory In the Morning” or “Spring Mornings” Quilt

With simple background piecing, this is a really fun quilt to make! First we will piece the background in a somewhat neutral or monochromatic color palette, then we will fuse the applique pieces. Spring Mornings was done using a Sizzix Die Cut machine, and I will have mine to use in class. Glory in the Morning was done in more of a traditional fused applique technique. Both designs were “Appli-Quilted”, which means the applique is done free-motion when the quilt is machine quilted. Very fun and quick!

“Glory In the Morning” or “Spring Mornings” Quilt: Sew Much Fun! Lowell, NC 704 824-1961


“Mountain Moon”

Are you afraid of curved piecing??? Ok, we are going to machine applique these circles onto a background instead! It’s very simple to create with my technique on “faux hand applique” stitches on your machine. I have many other tips to make this quilt fun and easy to create. I used a collection of Marcia Derse fabrics for one quilt and the other I used all text fabric for backgrounds and Kaffe Fassett for the circles. They both are very bright and cheerful quilts. The binding is a unique use of all the leftovers since this quilt does not have a border. There is a colorful button used on each of the corners of the blocks to add just a little bit of whimsy!

“Mountain Moon” Studio Stitch in Greensboro, NC 336 288-9200IMG_5703IMG_4904

“Twigs & Tweets”

Love birds??? This BOM is from my book “Twigs & Tweets”. They are little wool squares appliqued to a cotton background using many hand embroidery stitches. There are also 14 other projects in my book to play with, such as journal covers, block keeper, pincushions, sewing kits, and more. Join me for a fun stitching experience!

Susan Edmonson 704 305-1984


“Machine Quilting!”

This is one of my most popular classes! Learn the basics of machine quilting from tricks and tips I have learned over the years. I will help you with any and all problems you might be having…. I have probably already had the same ones over the years. I have very specific brands of batting and threads I recommend. That is half the battle right there! Join me for a relaxed day of quilting! And yes, I said relaxed!

Sew Original in Boone & Winston Salem, NC 336 760-1121 Winston Salem location, 828 264-1049 Boone location

Sew Much Fun! Lowell, NC 704 824-1961

Judy Lea’s Quilt Studio in Concord, NC or call: 704 763-3709

Quilter’s Loft in Mooresville, NC or call: 704 662-8660


“Flower Doodles”

Let’s play with Wax Pastels & Inktense Pencils! While we create a water color painting on fabric. This is a very easy, fun way to paint on fabric. As a bonus you will perfect your machine quilting skills & create a beautiful little quilted wall hanging. Don’t worry about having to know how to draw, Susan will have a pattern you can trace to make this a really easy process, and yes you can be an artist! Along with drawing & simple painting there will be lots of focus on color. Of course there will be lots of embellishing techniques for a perfect piece! We will be doing some free-motion embroidery, beading, hand embroidery and some unique applique techniques. The finish will be done with the wacky log cabin piecing for a fun border, and several unique binding techniques to choose from. You can’t make just one!!!

Sew Original: Boone, NC 828 264-1049

John C. Campbell Folk School 1.800.FOLK.SCH (365.5724)IMG_3350IMG_4039

“Artful Postcards”

These little pieces of art are quite unique! There is a bit of painting for a background, a bit of hand embroidery & then embellish with beads, yarn and trims to your hearts desire! You do not have to know anything about quilting for this class, you just have to enjoy the art of stitching & beading! You can’t make just one! After the stitching is done they are attached to a hand dyed piece of burlap for a rustic edge. These little gems are not necessarily intended for mailing, they are just postcard size pieces of art!

North Carolina Quilt Symposium


“Lil’ Critters”:

These cute little quilts were designed for children to enjoy for many years to come!  Prince Froggy was made especially for my sweet grandson… Rabbit, Rabbit was just a fun one, since I love bunnies!  And the Teddy was a creation from one of my best friend who is a Teddy Bear Artist, so now Sebastian is a quilt star!  The quilting on all of these little quilts is done free motion in script to write a story to the child… they are such treasures!

IMG_5789 IMG_5790 IMG_5791

Prince Froggy

Prince Froggy

Other Classes & Dates: Please contact the shop or event for more info on any of these classes or contact me directly.

Machine Quilting:

March 21st and April 21st, at Judy Lea’s Quilt Studio in Concord, NC

March 31st at Sew Original in Boone, NC

April 23rd at Sew Much Fun! in Lowell, NC

April 29th & June 2nd at Sew Original in Winston Salem, NC

May 6th & June 1st at Quilter’s Loft in Mooresville, NC

May 16th at Judy Lea’s in Lowell, NC


March 30th at Sew Much Fun! in Lowell, NC

Flower Doodles:

April 1st at Sew Original in Boone, NC

May 22nd-23rd at John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC

Twigs & Tweets:

April 2nd, May 5th & June 4th (5-8 pm) in Lenoir, NC  contact: Susan Edmonson 704 305-1984

Field Guide To Creativity:

April 4th-April 11th at John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC

Nature’s Treasures BOM 1-3:

April 15th, May 13th, & June 17th at Judy Lea’s Quilt Studio in Concord, NC

Quilt Beginnings:  (Beginning Quilt Classes, 4 in the series)


April 23rd, April 30th, May 7th, & May 14th

Mountain Moon:

April 27th at Studio Stitch in Greensboro, NC

Glory In the Morning or Spring Mornings Quilt:

May 2nd at Sew Much Fun! in Lowell, NC

Lil’ Critters (2 Parts):

May 13th & June 3rd at Judy Lea’s Quilt Studio in Concord, NC

All About Binding:

May 14th at Sew Much Fun! in Lowell, NC

Machine Applique Techniques or Tweet Tweet:

May 18th at Sew Original in Winston Salem, NC


Once Upon A Time:

May 29th-30th at NCQSI in Flat Rock, NC

Machine Applique:

June 18th at Sew Much Fun! in Lowell, NC

Crazy Quilt Techniques:

June 30th at Studio Stitch in Greensboro, NC