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Spring has sprung at John C. Campbell Folk School!

Last week I was teaching at John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC.  What an inspiring place to be…. the people, nature, mountains, weather, birds, flowers, food, music, I could go on and on about this little bit of heaven!  Kristi Steiner & I taught our Field Guide to Creativity with 7 beaiutiful women.  Each and every one brought a different spark to the experience!  It is such a nice break to be unplugged from all the daily demands and task we all have to do. IMG_0325 IMG_0321IMG_0342 IMG_0351 IMG_0334 IMG_0356

When leaving the folk school on Saturday morning, I could see the fog roll in across the valley as I was loading up… when driving away from the school the mist, dew, sunrise, and fog change everything you see!  It’s amazing how different everything looks with a little added embellishing.  The grasses look like they are dotted with glass beads…. the rock walls with a hint of water running down them look like mirrors of glass…. the valleys look like they are covered with huge cotton balls…. it is truely magical!  I hope I can help others see a little magic in everything that is there for us.  Artist have the ability to see these things so clearly because they atune to the details of everything in the world.  Everyone has this ability, but they just don’t always use it.

IMG_6186 IMG_6143 IMG_6113 IMG_6121 IMG_6226 IMG_6230 IMG_6247

I will be back at the Folk School in May to teach my “Flower Doodles” for a long weekend class.  Join me if you can!  I can’t think of a better place to teach this watercolor on fabric with machine quilted details class.IMG_4039

I will be spending the weekend again with some of my like minded artist friends and can’t wait!  We will be in the mountains again, so I am hoping to see more magic as we explore Little Switzerland, Marion, Spruce Pines, and Penland.

This week I will beginning my newest BOM class at Judy Lea’s Quilt Studio in Concord, NC called “Nature’s Treasures”.  I have so many ideas I think my head might pop and all the little prizes spill out!  The first few months of the class will be making a prayer flag or garland type project.  I’ve always heard of prayer flags, but really didn’t understand what they meant. Quilting Arts has published a new e-book on prayer flags, simple ones and very elaborate ones as well.  They were hung just inside doors of homes to bless those who entered as they fluttered in the breeze.  So after reading the book I love the idea of prayer flags.  We all need to be blessed with goodness.  Each one of my little flags will have tiny words of inspiration and blessings to the viewer.

Other projects will include a wall piece with 3-dimensional works to create “Natures Cradles”.  Just wait til you see what I am working on for these little gems!  As I noted the mountains were very inspiring to add more meaning to this sweet project.